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acbgallery.com is a compilation of my past and present work that spans into every walk of life when it comes to creative freedom and expression.

This site is not just my portfolio and resume but it is a galleria of topics of interest to me, my passions, my hobbies, my challenges and much much more.

Please feel free to e-mail me your comments, criticisms and questions as well any suggestions on how I can improve my site.
Do note that I will be in the process of continuously adding, updating and editing my site so I will apologize ahead of time for any errors, fixes, and any other inconveniences you may come upon.

Site Design Strategies
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Designer Snap Shot:
Objective -
To share my interests, skills and hobbies with the viewers and simultaneously expose my creative talent enough to land my dream job.

Realistically speaking, a decent job that is fulfilling should I say, for now at least.


Dream job -
On a serious note, I love Tennis and I love Multimedia Design and I have extensive career experience in both.
Multimedia Design (Web, Print, Photography, Fine Arts, TV, New Media) Job:
To find a job that is creative, challenging, continuously moving forward with the advancing pace of new software technologies. A career advancement opportunity that works me hard but pays me well to do what I love doing most, "DESIGNING"..
Tennis Pro Job:
To continue my tennis pro career, teaching young kids, junior, adults, seniors and giving private tennis lessons, running clinics at a well respected tennis facility.


My Inspiration -
Music and walking 3 miles. Never fails.


What I value most -
True friendship.

It is like uncut diamonds, it is raw and what you see is what you get, never loses its quality and originality, never fades, it never withers no matter what the weather condition.


Travel Background -
The credit goes to my parents who gave me the best education of a lifetime, they took me traveling all over the world. Today, that passion still continues with my husband and our son.

Below are a list of cities I have been fortunate enough to visit and the number of times I have visited them.

New Delhi - India (2), Bangkok - Thailand (8), Chiangmai - Thailand (1), Hongkong (4), Singapore (3), Seol - South Korea (2), Jakarta - Indonesia (2), Kuala Lampur - Malaysia (2), Manilla - Philippines (3), Dhaka - Bangladesh (2), Tokyo - Japan (3 and lived there for 3 months at a tennis camp), Sweden (1), Copenhagen - Denmark (4), Paris, Savoie, Valoie - France (1), London - England (3), Toronto and Ontario - Canada (2),

U.S.A -
Decorah - Iowa (3 and lived there for 4 years), Chicago - Illinois (2), Hilton Head Island (4 and lived there for 3 years), Sweet Briar, Richmond - Virginia (2), Jacksonville, Gainesville - Florida (2), Chicago - Illinois (2), Mobile - Alabama (3), Charleston, Baeufort - South Carolina (3), Baton Rouge - Louisiana (3), Austin (4 years living here), Dallas, Houston - Texas, Phoenix - Arizona (2), Albuquerque - New Mexico (1), salt Lake City - Utah (1), Minneapolis, St. Paul - Minnesota (5), Lacrosse, Madison - Wisconsin (4), Washington DC (3), Newark - New Jersey (1), Las Vegas - Nevada (1), Sanfrancisco, Los Angeles, San Diego - California (4/5).


My Role Model/Idol -
My parents.

My parents gave me their heart and soul and to this day they continue to do so.
Growing up in Nepal, my childhood days were the most memorable experiences of my life.
My parents gave me all the love and support, the best education, world travel, exposure and support in tennis, everything that they never had they gave me.
They never inherited anything, started from scratch and worked their hardest to get to where they were and to give everything to their family.

My dad is the most intelligent, hard working, distinguished, handsome, persevering man there is. I am so proud of him and hold him high up on a pedestal and look up to him to this day. He is the best father a daughter could ever have.

My mom is the sweetest, most beautiful and gentle soul. She always cooked us home cooked fresh Nepali food, which to this day has taught me the value of wholesome nutritious home cooking (don't do microwaves or canned). She is a housewife and she did the best job of it too and today, being a mother of one I realize what an important and difficult but worthwhile occupation it is. I learn from her everyday.


My greatest strength -
I have a wandering and very creative mind that never sits still.

I have to always keep myself busy at all times. Whether it is designing, painting, gardening, creating fun things for our son, learning new software technology, making travel plans, organizing and reorganizing our home furniture, going for a walk, playing tennis, thinking of new ways to improve myself, looking at website design or looking for better jobs.

If I don't have money to do something I will find a shortcut to reach that goal but I will do it, if I don't have a canvas to paint I will start painting our house walls and use them as my canvas. If I am down and blue I will take a 3 mile walk and come back rejuvenated.

I believe there are no excuses in our lives not to make the best out of it.


The drug I am addicted to (3MW) -
You should try it sometime if you haven't already, its awesome. If you are depressed or blue it will help you get a natural high, if you are bored it will make you start thinking you can conquer the world, if you are tired and lethargic it will instantly rejuvenate you, if you need inspiration on a challenging project you got it. There is no overdose or too little that you can take and you need no prescription from the doctor :-)

Yes, yes I will tell you what the secret drug is. It is my "3 Mile Walk" never fails, I try to take it as many times a week I can. He! He! like it? I do have a crooked sense of humor too, one of my qualities that makes me who I am.


And the credit goes to -
This site would not have been possible without a wonderful, highly skilled, professional, workaholic, generous, good humored, dedicated, instrumental and beautiful person.

His name is Jeff Bernier and he is the most qualified programmer/developer and friend that I have had the pleasure of working with during my one year at Datanet Communications.

If you have a site to develop or a custom database to design, he is the person to go to. He always gets the job done with great precision and professionalism and never does he say something is not doable. Do go to his website http://www.austinwebwizards.com/ or contact him at jeff@austinwebwizards.com for any of your development needs.


What I lack at and is negative -
Too many things, I'd have to make a long list so I won't waste precious and valuable space.
How do you like that?
I am only human, I do have many things that I could improve on just like anyone else. But the important thing is I realize it.

As the saying goes, "To err is human, to forgive is divine".


Favorite hobbies -
Tennis, gardening, painting, cooking


The love of my life -
My husband and our son


What I miss most -
My parents and my birthplace Nepal


Favorite food -


Poems -
Turn on the light
Turn on the light, and it will be clear and bright
Let wisdom reach its soaring height
let it freely wander high above like a kite
And we will each find out what is wrong or right
For there is no distinction between black and white
It's all just a mere illusion of our sight
So turn on the light, and it will be clear and bright

We are merely artists pondering different colors and black and white
It's all an illusion of our sight
Blend all your colors and paint a kite
It looks beautiful from within our inner sight
Finish the painting and see it come to life, soaring to its height
How beautifully the colors mix, be it blue, read, black or white
A painting is incomplete without mixing the colors right
Learning to mix and appreciate them is a fight
But be persistent and it will turn out just right
Then you'll see and appreciate the difference in day and night
So turn on the light and see everything clear and bright

Aruna Chettri Bernier

Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving: To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor."

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.